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The Popularity of Hindi Movies

The Popularity of Hindi Movies

Movies have long been a way to celebrate life in the Indian culture. Movies have been a popular entertainment option since the pre-colonial days. The Indian public enjoys Hindi movies because they allow them to enjoy the ambience of a world that is make believe. However, Hindi movies are just limited to India; they are also popular among nearby countries and other parts of the world, especially anywhere with a sizeable Indian population.

Hindi movies are often referred to as Bollywood movies. These movies first came to India in the late 1800s when the Watkins Hotel in downtown Bombay showed six silent movies by the Lumiere brothers. A quite revolution started after these silent films as directors started making their own films. Finally Dadasaheb Phalke made a feature length film about the life of Raja Hanschandra and was released in 1913. In India this was the period of the silent film era.

A gap of eighteen years occurred before you could watch Bollywood movies with sound. The first Bollywood video with sound was directed by Ardeshir Irani called Alam Ara in 1931. At this time Hindi video featured song and dance as the narrative tone. From this moment forward the Bollywood video industry began to move forward and never looked back.

When compared to other film industries, the Hindi video industry is quite large. In fact, more Bollywood videos are produced each year than any other type of film. The style of a Bollywood video has changed throughout the years and today technology is allowing individuals to watch Bollywood movies that are more realistic.

The Indian audience tends to watch Bollywood movies that feature a mix of genres such as drama, music, action, adventure and tragedy. In Hindi parlance this is referred to as a paisa vascol which means complete value for money. Every Friday a Hindi video is released that is three hours long with all the exasperating genre experiences in one. All the multiplexes and single cinema halls prepare for these films by showing hot clips two days before. These hot clips can lead to advanced booking sometimes three to four days in advanced of a movie’s release. This ensures the producers, distributors and exhibitors of a movies success. Many hot clips are starting to use the big names of Hollywood who want to take part in the success of Hindi movies. Hindi movies are even becoming more popular with western audiences because of the excellent sets, high emotions and well choreographed song and dance sequences. In fact, today's overseas market is a large source of profit for Hindi movies.

Since songs are a pivotal part in Hindi films it is easy to see why the music video is another popular choice in India. The music video provides an excellent option for the lyricist and music director to display their talents. The music video has changed drastically in Indian film as the new wave of modern music has changed what individuals and households are listening to. Music videos feature a combination of hip hop, rock and funk which have cooler lyrics and appear to a more youthful audience.

Online shopping has also changed how many watch Bollywood videos since they can buy their favorite movies from the comfort of their own home. The whole shopping process for Indian consumers has changed since online shopping occurred. Now you can easily order any type of Bollywood video you want without having to wait in long lines. You can also use the Internet to read reviews, see previews and watch hot clips before deciding which movie you want to see.

Indian movies are not only a way to depict the common life of the Indian individual, but they are also a medium that allows the nation to get a better glimpse of India as a country. Indian movies can certainly continue to grow if the economy stabilizes. Take a look online at the various Indian movies available and see what you've been missing.

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