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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Popularity of Hindi Movies

The Popularity of Hindi Movies

Movies have long been a way to celebrate life in the Indian culture. Movies have been a popular entertainment option since the pre-colonial days. The Indian public enjoys Hindi movies because they allow them to enjoy the ambience of a world that is make believe. However, Hindi movies are just limited to India; they are also popular among nearby countries and other parts of the world, especially anywhere with a sizeable Indian population.

Hindi movies are often referred to as Bollywood movies. These movies first came to India in the late 1800s when the Watkins Hotel in downtown Bombay showed six silent movies by the Lumiere brothers. A quite revolution started after these silent films as directors started making their own films. Finally Dadasaheb Phalke made a feature length film about the life of Raja Hanschandra and was released in 1913. In India this was the period of the silent film era.

A gap of eighteen years occurred before you could watch Bollywood movies with sound. The first Bollywood video with sound was directed by Ardeshir Irani called Alam Ara in 1931. At this time Hindi video featured song and dance as the narrative tone. From this moment forward the Bollywood video industry began to move forward and never looked back.

When compared to other film industries, the Hindi video industry is quite large. In fact, more Bollywood videos are produced each year than any other type of film. The style of a Bollywood video has changed throughout the years and today technology is allowing individuals to watch Bollywood movies that are more realistic.

The Indian audience tends to watch Bollywood movies that feature a mix of genres such as drama, music, action, adventure and tragedy. In Hindi parlance this is referred to as a paisa vascol which means complete value for money. Every Friday a Hindi video is released that is three hours long with all the exasperating genre experiences in one. All the multiplexes and single cinema halls prepare for these films by showing hot clips two days before. These hot clips can lead to advanced booking sometimes three to four days in advanced of a movie’s release. This ensures the producers, distributors and exhibitors of a movies success. Many hot clips are starting to use the big names of Hollywood who want to take part in the success of Hindi movies. Hindi movies are even becoming more popular with western audiences because of the excellent sets, high emotions and well choreographed song and dance sequences. In fact, today's overseas market is a large source of profit for Hindi movies.

Since songs are a pivotal part in Hindi films it is easy to see why the music video is another popular choice in India. The music video provides an excellent option for the lyricist and music director to display their talents. The music video has changed drastically in Indian film as the new wave of modern music has changed what individuals and households are listening to. Music videos feature a combination of hip hop, rock and funk which have cooler lyrics and appear to a more youthful audience.

Online shopping has also changed how many watch Bollywood videos since they can buy their favorite movies from the comfort of their own home. The whole shopping process for Indian consumers has changed since online shopping occurred. Now you can easily order any type of Bollywood video you want without having to wait in long lines. You can also use the Internet to read reviews, see previews and watch hot clips before deciding which movie you want to see.

Indian movies are not only a way to depict the common life of the Indian individual, but they are also a medium that allows the nation to get a better glimpse of India as a country. Indian movies can certainly continue to grow if the economy stabilizes. Take a look online at the various Indian movies available and see what you've been missing.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Aamir, SRK and Salman together

Aamir, SRK and Salman together!

Khans are well known for ruling the Tinsel-town since ages now. Any Bollywood celebration without their presence is incomplete. Of late, the three most celebrated Khans, Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman were seen at the lavish 15th anniversary celebration of the Zee Network at Taj Lands End on Saturday, January 5. Also, present at the occasion was the ever sizzling Rekha.The above picture shows the two Khans- Aamir and Shah Rukh- in a very cheerful mood, probably congratulating each other for the success of their respective films released last year. Apparently, Aamir Khan had messaged SRK to fix a date to watch Taare Zameen Par. Nevertheless, Shah Rukh has promised to watch the film with his kids, now is he a true star or what! Appreciating other’s work was a quality he always possessed. With the presence of the biggies of Bollywood, the Zee Networks party surely turned out to be a big event.

Bollywood News 2

January February March April May June July August Septumber Octumber November December

Shah Rukh Khan will perform with 11 girls Ekta Kapoor

Lots of performances by the biggies including Shah Rukh Khan, who's the biggest of them all. Then there's Lara Dutta performing with Jay Bhanushali and few other TV stars. We wanted the TV and film stars to co-exist on the same stage. More......

Ash to star in Robot

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has shown more than keen interest to be a part of Shankar’s next film Robot and has verbally agreed to romance Rajnikanth on screen. More......

Irrfan Khan beats his Hollywood co-stars

Two months after the release of Irrfan Khan's latest international film Darjeeling Limited which was shot in India, the verdict is out. In a brief role, the fast-rising Indian actor has beaten his well-known co-stars namely Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman and Adrien Brody who play brothers. More......

Rahul honored with Ramnath Goenka Award

It is indeed celebrations time for Rahul Dholakia, the producer - director of the hard-hitting movie Parzania, which was based on the Gujarat riots and which starred the powerhouse performers in the form of Naseeruddin Shah and Sarika. More......

TV star Aamna Shariff opp Aftab in Aloo Chaat

Anuj Saxena's production house Maverick, which is presenting the Sushmita Sen, Fardeen Khan and Shah Rukh Khan starrer DULHA MIL GAYA, is going to launch television actress Aamna Shariff in Bollywood. More......

Ekta announces The Global Indian TV Honours

Balaji Telefilms Limited, partnered with 9X as the television partner, announced the advent of The Global Indian T.V More......

Ajay plays a double role in Ashoka

Ajay Devgan after giving a spellbinding performance in Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Halla Bol is all geared up with the director to play a double role in a film titled Ashoka. More......

Saif to perform for Parikrama

He is a phenomenal actor; comedy, romance, action he has done it all. Since long, we have heard about Saif’s musical skills. Well here is a chance to see him perform live. More......

Bollywood News

Fardeen gets a breather in the drugs case
Fardeen Khan surely must have felt relieved after judge P.N.Deshmukh of a special sessions court said that the actor would be facing More......

Ash launches Lux Provocateur

'Lux Provocateur' Hindustan Unilever's latest offering, is all set to capture women's unfettered imagination. More......

Aamir sends Kiran to Rakeysh Mehra rescue

Aamir Khan is known to develop quite a close rapport with the directors whom he works with. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, who directed the Aamir starrer Rang De Basanti got a first hand experience of the actor’s generous and courteous side recently. More......

Aamir sends Kiran to Rakeysh Mehra rescue

Aamir Khan is known to develop quite a close rapport with the directors whom he works with. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, who directed the Aamir starrer Rang De Basanti got a first hand experience of the actor’s generous and courteous side recently. More......

Ash launches Lux Provocateur

'Lux Provocateur' Hindustan Unilever's latest offering, is all set to capture women's unfettered imagination. More......

Nobody actually knows Shah Rukh

“Shah Rukh's persona and the films that he does, speak to an audience that transcends all boundaries,” says well known journalist-author Anupama Chopra whose bestseller King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema has been translated in German and will be launched on January 30 and a few days later SRK will be having a special screening of his blockbuster Om Shanti Om at the Berlin Film Festival. More......

Celina bikini pic revealed

Celina Jaitley has always been B-town's favorite oomph girl and when the bombshell is seen wearing a bikini, all hell breaks loose. The hot actress is in fact, still best remembered for that famous shot in her debut film Janasheen where she was seen playing a violin, in the middle of the ocean dressed in a bikini. More......

We beat a team which is very arrogant Aamir Khan

We beat a team which is unfortunately very arrogant and decidedly badly behaved on the cricket field. I fail to understand why arguably the best team in the world has to behave so badly," says Aamir Khan about More......

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Difference between pakistani and bollywood music songs

For those of us located in the Western portion of the world, we often think of all thingsEastern as being very similar to each other.

However, when you are talking about Indian andPakistani music, movies, and music videos, nothing could be farther from the truth.One glaring example of this difference is the music videos made in India and Pakistan fromtheir popular film soundtracks.

While both types of music play a big part in the movies ofthe countries, India’s Bollywood songs and the music of Pakistan are very different indeed.Pakistani songs generally contain much more meaning and less of the typical Bollywood overlymelodic dance numbers and sounds in their songs.This can easily be seen in the online musicvideos of both regions. While viewing online videos of Bollywood songs and Pakistani songsyou can clearly see differences in the two. Bollywood songs tend to have more skin showingin their videos than do those of Pakistani songs.

This is a direct result of the fact thatBollywood movies are much more tolerant of the showing of skin and sexual overtones than those made in Pakistan.

The Pakistani people tend to be much more traditional in their views than those of currentday India.

As well, while watching online videos of both you quickly notice that where Bollywoodsongs are overly dramatic and have production dance numbers in them, Pakistani songstend tocontain more of a meaningful storyline.

The Pakistani musicand video makers have their ownstyle which does not rely on large dance numbers to get their point across to viewers. Withthe explosion of the Internet, and the ease of availability of online videos, it is mucheasier today for people all over the world to view music videos and listen to the songscoming out of both India and PakistanSource: http://www.musicmaza.com